Talent Communities

What are talent communities?

Talent communities are pipelines of warm candidates who are interested in your company, but not ready to apply.

From the candidate’s perspective, they become part of a talent community when they see a company that they are interested in, but perhaps their resume isn’t up to date, they are still in school, etc.  They can then opt into receiving updates from the company on an ongoing basis.

From the company’s perspective, talent communities are segmented groups of potential candidates that they can keep up to date on their company, job openings, awards they’ve won, etc.

NextWave’s Talent Community Product

NextWave Hire has built in talent communities for career sites and microsites.  Our product captures the information from passive candidates, and automatically updates them in your database.  We then start sending these candidates monthly nurture emails about what’s going on at the company.  The point here is to stay top of mind for candidates, and drive them back to apply via the ATS.

See Talent Communities in Action


The Benefits of Talent Communities

Share Your Employer Brand

Your employer brand is built over many touch points with candidates.  One way to share your employer brand is through emails to your talent communities.  Including stories on culture, awards the company has won, etc are great ways to push your EVP messaging.

Engage Passive Candidates

Passive candidates aren’t applying for jobs.  They also aren’t going to want job alerts until they are much later in the funnel.  But, they’ll sign up for interesting articles, interview tips, and stories from your employees.  Over time, we build a relationship with these candidates, and nurture them into employees.

Warm Pipelines of Talent

When you get a new requisition, wouldn’t it be great if you had a database of people who already knew about your company, and were interested in working there?  Talent communities are those warm pipelines of potential employees you can use immediately for new, hard to fill reqs.