Employee Advocacy on Social Media

What is Employee Advocacy?


Employees are your best brand ambassadors.  They also have a reach on social that is several times the typical corporate reach.  Employee advocacy leverages the reach of your employees by pushing content through their social networks.

By sharing a curated list of content each week, your employees are acting as megaphones for your content, and driving awareness of your company within their networks.

NextWave’s Employee Advocacy Product

On a weekly basis, employees who opt-in receive an email full of curated content relating to your company and industry.  This content could be employee stories, awards you’ve won, or what’s new in the industry.

Employees can then share these stories through one-click in their email.  There’s no need to login to our software.

The reach of these stories are tracked in our solution where we can see the number of shares, views, and applies.  This contributes to your ROI.  We also gamify the experience for employees and assign points to users who share content, and who get clicks on those shares.

See Employee Advocacy In Action


The Benefits of Employee Advocacy

Expand Your Reach

Grow your reach beyond your corporate social handles and into the networks of your best employees.

Engage Your Employees

Employees are now a more active part of your recruiting efforts, and get to see the results of their progress through a gamification layer which rewards them with points for sharing content, and for driving traffic back to your site.

Drive Trackable ROI

Your expanded reach translates directly into more applicants, which means a lower cost per hire and time to fill.  These results directly relate to your KPIs and allow you to reach your goals.