What are microsites?


Microsites are landing pages which are part of your careers site.  Each of these landing pages focuses on a part of your company that you want to share with talent.  Examples of pages could include: Sales, Engineering, Veterans, the New York Office, etc.

Microsites allow job seekers to find relevant content that shares the information they care about.  For example, a microsite on engineering roles at your company would share what tech stack your company uses, what was built in the last hackathon, and hard problems engineers are working on.

Engineers don’t care much about what the sales team is doing, and vice versa.  That’s why when candidates visit pages that relate directly to the roles they care about, their likelihood of applying for a job skyrockets!

Microsites for Career Sites

NextWave’s Microsite Product

We believe a career site is not complete without microsites.  Just like a marketer would have a landing page for each of their key products, you need a landing page to convince each demographic you’re trying to attract.

NextWave’s platform automatically creates microsites for your key roles in our onboarding process.  And, it takes <1 minute to create a new microsite within our dashboard.  Launching an event series focused on Java?  Create a microsite.  Going to Penn State next week to recruit on campus?  Create a microsite!

See Microsites in Action


The Benefits of Microsites

Convince Hard to Find Applicants

Hard to find applicants demand specialized messaging.  A 60 second culture video isn’t going to cut it, they want to know the specific reasons why they should come work for the company.  A microsite is the best way to attract and, more importantly, convert hard to find talent into applicants.

Share Your EVPs

Each demographic in your company has a different employee value proposition (EVP).  The reason sales people come to work for your company is different than the reason engineers stay at your company.  Microsites allows you to segment and share these EVPs, ideally through the mouths of your own employees.

Let Them Find Their Tribe

Imagine landing on a page where you see professionals who’re talking your language, and care about the same things you do.  You’ve found your tribe, and now you want to apply for a job at this company.  This is the power of microsites.