Talent Communities

What are talent communities?
Talent Communities allow your company to effectively pipeline passive candidates and start to think long term about your hiring funnel.

From the candidate’s perspective, they become part of a talent community when they see a company that they are interested in, but aren’t ready to apply.  They then opt into receiving updates from the company on an ongoing basis until they are prepared for a job switch.

From the company’s perspective, talent communities are segmented groups of candidates that they can keep up to date on their company, job openings, awards they’ve won, etc.  This means you’re recruiting not just for your open reqs, but also for the future.

Talent Community Example

Free Talent Community Offering

Many times companies are interested in building talent communities, but aren’t quite sure where to start and how to quantify the value.

Our Free Talent Community offering allows companies to get started quickly – the setup takes five minutes.  More importantly, employers can see the ROI of their efforts before making larger investments into this project.


The Benefits of a Free Talent Community

Easy Setup

Setting up our free talent community offering takes 5 minutes.  We send a line of code to your IT person with a few instructions, and it’s live.  That’s it!

Quick Results

You’ll immediately start collecting information from passive candidates that will allow you to review their qualifications and match them to a current opening.

Measure ROI

Understanding the business case behind a talent community before pushing for this initiative is key.  Our free offering is designed to give you the data you need measure the ROI.