Employee Generated Content

What is employee generated content?


Employee generated content (EGC) consists of testimonials from your current employees that take the form of text, video, and pictures.  EGC is an authentic, scalable, and in depth way to share your company’s employer brand and various employee value propositions.

Employee testimonials are more authentic than content put together by marketing.  In fact, Edelman finds that employees are more trusted than companies and their executives.  Moreover, employees can share all the in depth stories about their roles that no one else knows – like how the sales team celebrates wins, or what the engineering team built in the last hackathon.

Employee testimonials are also a very scalable way of creating content about your company, if done correctly.  There isn’t the need to bring in copywriters and video editors, job seekers simply want to hear what it’s like to work at your company from the mouths of people who are actually doing the job.

NextWave’s Employee Testimonials Product

NextWave Hire sources employee stories with in depth surveys that ask questions that are specific to each of your employee’s roles.  We ask your sales people about the last deal they closed, for example.  You can modify the questions we ask as you see fit, and then employees answer with text and video responses at an average response rate above 60%.  We’ve gotten really good at collecting these stories, and see over 100 come back in the first hour of onboarding with some of our clients!

See Employee Testimonials in Action


The Benefits of Employee Authored Content

In Depth EVPs

Your company has different employee value propositions (EVPs) for sales, marketing, women in tech, veterans, colleagues in your New York office, etc.  Your employee content shares relatable stories that are specific to each of these groups of candidates, and pique their interest.

Humanize Your Hiring Process

Employee stories allow job seekers to understand who the company is behind the corporate facade.  This is a great way to share the authentic voice of the real people who candidates will be working with on a day to day basis, as opposed to a few hand picked cheerleaders.

Control Your Own Narrative

Don’t let your worst employees define your brand on anonymous review sites.  Employee testimonials on your own career site are a great way to share what it’s really like to work at your business, from the mouths of current employees.