Indigo's Talent Branding Initiative

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About Indigo

Indigo helps farmers sustainably feed the planet.  They do this by increasing crop yields through using natural plant microbes to enhance plant health.  The company’s founder David Perry, is a serial entrepreneur who’s previous businesses have raised over $750 mm, and have been valued at over $15 Billion.

The company has raised $156 million and is using the capital to expand aggressively in offices across the country.

Results of using NextWave Hire
  • New custom built career site live within 3 days complete with talent community
  • 75 employee stories collected in first 3 days, with over 100 after 1 week
  • Nearly 40% of traffic to Indigo’s new careers site converts into applicants, vs the industry “gold standard” of 11%, and industry average of 5%

The Story

Indigo had set a 2017 goal of building a talent brand given their company’s fast growth and need for in demand talent across sales, engineering,  and agriculture.

We met Katie and Hannah from Indigo through one of their colleagues who knew the People team wanted to build out a talent brand and had heard of NextWave Hire through a friend.

From our first conversation with Indigo, it was clear that they were interested in sharing an authentic view of working at their company directly from the mouths of their employees, in addition to having a robust tool set where they could accurately measure the results of their efforts.

Indigo Agriculture Careers

"We had a new career site, a talent community, and 75 employee testimonials all in 3 days"