Building CloudLock's Talent Brand

About CloudLock-Cisco

CloudLock is a leader in the growing field of cyber security software.  Their company was one of the fastest growing venture backed startups in the world until August 2016 when they were acquired by Cisco.

Results of using NextWave Hire

CloudLock was able to effectively share their culture using NextWave Hire.  NextWave’s solution captured over 100 employee stories across the different departments at CloudLock.  These stories were then used to enhance the companies career site, and make way for a talent community.

The Story

CloudLock’s CMO Bernd Leger is passionate about culture and recognized early in the company’s life that building a talent brand was essential to growing the overall company.  As one of the Glassdoor’s best places to work, CloudLock has a great culture, which they’ve used to their advantage when attracting and converting the right talent.

We met Bernd in the winter of 2016 and realized that NextWave Hire’s solution would be a tremendous way to enhance their careers site, tell the employer branding story through the mouths of employees, and set the stage for building talent communities.  With the help of Employee Success Manager Yiru Cociani, we utilized NextWave Hire’s solution to further grow the company’s employer brand and allow them to continue to win the mindshare of high quality talent.

"I would recommend NextWave to any organization that has a desire to tell their story - that has an interest in talent branding, ideally for organizations who want quick results, want little effort, and who want a great partner with an organization who’s really willing to work to meet their needs."


"Without that portal, we might actually be losing candidates who could be a great fit for a position further down the road."

"What was so compelling about NextWave to us was the fact that it is super easy to's also easy on HR teams. It basically empowers HR and marketing to work together, or HR by itself, to create a site that tells your story in a very compelling way"


"Talent branding allows us to focus on what sets us apart from other organizations, and give candidates who might otherwise not know much about us a view into what it's like to actually work here."