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Busy HR teams use our platform to boost their employer brand, automate their talent network, and get more qualified candidates into the top of their funnel.

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Automated Talent Communities

Build talent communities NextWave Hire of high quality passive candidates that allow your team to proactively recruit job seekers who are interested but not ready NextWave Hire to apply.

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Employee Testimonials And Social Posts

Use our employee testimonial tool to show what it’s like to work at your company, and our employee advocacy tool to to share your employer brand on social media.

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ROI Focused Analytics

Understand the health of your recruiting through talent pipeline metrics NextWave Hire that give insights into the top of your recruiting funnel, and the ROI of your efforts NextWave Hire.

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More reasons to love NextWave Hire

We’re here to help you hire faster, decrease your recruitment costs, and build your company.

Easy Setup

15 mins to get started, automation that scales

Candidate Experience

Give candidates more options to stay in touch

Grows With You

Grow your communities as your business expands


“We’re using NextWave Hire to power our careers site and talent communities.  Since going live, we’ve seen more quality applicants, happier hiring managers, and an influx in passive candidates that we otherwise would have missed!”

Tommy Barth

Tommy Barth

Manager Talent Systems, Circle

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